Official Girls’ Generations Stamps to Release in August

In August, stamps are going to be sold with Girls’ Generation on them! According to “Star Today” this is the first time that a celebrity is making a contract with the “Korea Post” to make stamps.

A representative of the Korea Post stated, “The ‘Girls’ Generation My Stamps’ are the first celebrity stamps to be made with the ‘Korea Post’ through a contract. We have used the Girls’ Generation as our models, who are the leading force for the global K-Pop fever and also are showing blinding activity.”

The stamps commemorate Girls’ Generation’s 5th anniversary. There are 9 “The Boys” stamps which have signatures by each member. There are also 5 other stamps that have the jacket image for “Gee” and “Oh!

On June 27, Girls’ Generation released their new Japanese single “PAPARAZZI.”