2AM’s Jo Kwon Won’t Let 2PM’s Wooyoung Listen to His Track Song Because of Rivalry?

2PM’s Wooyoung spoke out about the rivalry that is going on between him and 2AM’s Jo Kwon. The reason is that the two have debuted in a similar period and they are a part of the same agency family.

According to the SBS production cast on July 3, during the “Strong Heart” recording Wooyoung stated the episode he had with Jo Kwon. Wooyoung stated, “This time around, Jo Kwon and I have solo debuts in a similar period. Jo Kwon had stated that he would let me listen to his title song. Recently, I was shocked when he would not let me listen to his music.”

Jo Kwon was also one of the guests for the episode of “Strong Heart” and it is being said that the rivalry between the two went on for the whole episode.