MBLAQ’s Lee Joon Wants to be a Murderer…in Future Acting Jobs

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon expressed his wishes to play a murderer in the future. On July 2, he attended the premiere for “The Raven” at the CO-EX Megabox in Gangnam to show support for director James McTeigue, whom he had worked with in 2009 while starring as Rain’s (Jung Ji Hoon) younger counterpart in “Ninja Assassins.

When asked which role in “The Raven” – among writer, investigator, and murderer – he would most want to take, Lee Joon replied, “A writer is cool and appealing, but I want the role of murderer.” He explained, “[The role of a murderer] is not something you can act superficially, but a character that can change and develop depending on how you interpret it. I would like to try a complex character like a psychopath.”