JYJ’s Exhibition and the SM Art Exhibition Show Are the Fan Meetings of the Future

The JYJ Exhibition and the SM Art Exhibition Show, are two events that show the evolution of fan meetings.

Recently the JYJ Exhibition that was held from June 28 to July 1 showed the evolution of fan meetings. The exhibition was titled “2012 JYJ Membership Week” and it showcased a gallery, played a documentary, and featured a media-façade. Nearly 22,000 fans attended the event.

The SM Art Exhibition Show will go on from August 10-19. The SM Entertainment exhibition will show different holograms, 3D videos, and different performances showing Girls’ Generation and Super Junior. The exhibition plans on moving forward to the “SM Art Exhibition World Tour.”

Instead of your typical fan events, these exhibitions give new entertainment for fans. Also, the exhibitions help the related industries. For example, the JYJ Exhibition had nearly 7,024 Japanese fans travel to South Korea. It is being estimated that the Japanese fans alone have put in approximately $10 million into the South Korean economy.