Sunye Could End Up Living In Haiti Once Married

Wonder Girl‘s charismatic leader Sunye has revealed that she might end up living in Haiti once she gets married. However before all you Wonder Girl’s fans start booking an advance ticket to Haiti we should first explain why this topic has come up in the first place.

Sunye appeared on an episode of the cable program “Beetles Code Season 2” on July 2 along with the rest of the Wonder Girls and f(x). The topic of her publicly revealed boyfriend came up and Sunye mentioned how she first met him while doing missionary work in Haiti while also stating that her boyfriend was still currently in Haiti. Beetles Code MC Yoo Sang Moo then quickly asked if she was going to live in Haiti if she ended up getting married, to which Sunye replied “Ah…I think that could happen.”

Sunye on Beetles Code
Sunye also revealed how she ended up dating her current boyfriend, revealing how she was the first to approach him and how she’s not the type to hide her feelings. However her “first” meeting with him wasn’t all smooth sailing, she describes how she went up to him in Haiti and introduce herself for the first time only for him to state that “This isn’t our first meeting.”

It transpired that she had actually met him a couple times before her “first” meeting with him in Haiti and that she hadn’t recognized him but he had recognized her from past meetings due to her profession (kind of hard to forget a meeting with a celebrity). Clearly, this somewhat bumpy beginning didn’t hinder them in any way and if all goes well perhaps we might really end up seeing Sunye living in Haiti?