SISTAR Horrified by Ghost’s Attack, Stops Recording of KBS “Talk Show Hello”

SISTAR’s Soyu and Bora couldn’t handle the surprise appearance of a fake ghost on the latest episode of KBS “Talk Show Hello,” causing the staff to temporarily suspend the recording of the show.

On the July 2 episode of “Talk Show Hello,” a police officer appeared as a guest to discuss his concerns about his partner who couldn’t manage patrol duty late at night, primarily due to his fear of ghosts. The guest appeared alongside his partner to show demonstration of their patrol duty. But as they started to display their patrol skills, a person disguised as a ghost jumped on the stage.

The whole crowd reacted in utter shock, while the guests on stage went completely speechless at the unexpected guest’s appearance. Soyu and Bora, however, were found crouching on the side of the stage, in complete horror of the ghost’s presence. Both SISTAR members were found to be in tears, and the staff was forced to temporarily stop the recording to give SISTAR time to re-do their makeup.

Netizens commented, “Soyu and Bora really look scared,” “The guys came to the rescue later,” and “That doesn’t look too scary, she must be acting.”

(You can watch the clip of the show here!)