Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun Broke up with Her Boyfriend

Wonder Girls’ Ye Eun revealed that she recently broke up with her boyfriend. According to a report by OSEN, Ye Eun shared her story on the latest recording of SBS “Strong Heart.”

“From what I know, she talked about it during the recording of SBS ‘Strong Heart,’” an official close to Wonder Girls told OSEN. The official said Ye Eun met her ex-boyfriend in New York around last November, just about when JYP got rid of the infamous “No Dating Rule.”

Wonder Girls have been one of the very few idol groups to openly share their personal dating stories. Most recently, Sun Ye revealed on “Strong Heart” that she started dating someone since last November. On “Beatles Code 2,” Sun Ye was also famously quoted as saying, “After I get married to my boyfriend, I think we can move to Haiti and live there.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls will hold their first solo concert in three years on July 7.