Kim Kyu Jong to Enter Military Service on July 23

Kim Kyu Jong from SS501 is joining the army on July 23, according to his agency B2M Entertainment. A representative from B2M Entertainment told, “Kim Kyu Jong will be entering the boot camp on July 23. He will be releasing a self-written song for his fans. The details about this new song will be released through the agency next week.”

Kim Kyu Jong will receive basic military training from the boot camp for four weeks and serve the rest of his two years as a public service worker. Previously, he held the last goodbye fan meeting on June 3 and members of SS501 joined him at this fan meeting to support him.

Meanwhile, Kim Kyu Jong made his debut in 2005 as a member of SS501. SS501 was wildly successful in Korea and Japan and Kim Kyu Jong continued his career as a solo artist. He starred in several TV dramas and musical theater productions in his solo career.