Boyfriend Successfully Finishes Budokan Showcase in Japan

Boyfriend successfully finished their premium showcase at the Budokan in Japan. Boyfriend’s agency Starship Entertainment announced, “Boyfriend held the largest scaled showcase in K-pop’s history in Japan, ‘First Date with Boyfriend in Japan‘ and successfully finished all four shows. They gathered approximately 40,000 people in the audience. Boyfriend will make their official debut in Japan on August 22.”

Members of Boyfriend opened their debut showcase by appearing in a large gondola in the air. They presented live performance stages of their hit songs in Korea. At this premium showcase at the Budokan, Boyfriend revealed a new song, “Be My Shine – Kimiwo Hanasanai,” a collaborative work between Japan’s finest lyricist Goro Matsui and Korean producing group Sweet Tune. People in the audience went wild as the beginning of “Be My Shine- Kimiwo Hanasanai” was playing.

They will release their official debut single on August 22 and greet their excited Japanese fans on August 25 and 26 through a large-scale fanclub event.