Yoochun Reveals His Personal Recording Studio

On July 3, JYJ‘s Yoochun posted on twitter, “It’s completed in my mind, but my eyes are so tired and blurred. It’s really hard to work tonight. I’m going to bed now. Good morning, everyone.” He attached a photo of his very own workplace with this comment.

The revealed picture shows a dark room filled with music-related gadgets, several computer monitors, and a large screen TV mounted on the wall. On contrary to the dark work studio of Yoochun’s, one can easily spot the brightness of morning sunrise outside the window, suggesting that he had been up all night working on a song or two.

Netizens commented on Yoochun’s tweet, “You have a really nice studio,” “I want to listen to this new song ASAP!” “I just imagined what you’d look like working on your music, it’s so cool and handsome,” “Good night,” and “You still got the eye infection, hope you get better soon.”

Meanwhile, JYJ hosted “JYJ Membership Week” in Korea. On June 30 and July 1, members of JYJ visited the site of exhibition to hold a memorable fan meeting event with all domestic and international fans who came to enjoy “JYJ Membership Week.”