T-ara Eunjung to Appear on “Saturday Night Live Korea”

It looks as though T-ara’s Eunjung will give her shot at live comedy! Eunjung will be the first female idol that will appear on “Saturday Night Live Korea Season 2.” She will appear on the July 6 episode.

This episode will be the 7th one which will have an “Actress That Used to Be a Singer” concept. Other than Eunjung, S.E.S Bada and Clazziquai’s Horan will also make an appearance. It is being said that the production team is anticipating the appearance of all these female stars.

Currently “Saturday Night Live” is gaining attention because of its “adult comedy” nature. The viewers are curious as to what kind of skits the show will have. The live comedy show will broadcast on July 6 at 11PM KST.