Beyonce’s Choreographer Jonte Moaning Sends Love Call to Jo Kwon: “I Want to Work with You Somehow”

Beyonce’s choreographer Jonte Moaning praised 2AM’s Jo Kwon’s solo debut performance. Jonte Moaning has worked with a number of famous stars and is most famous for his choreography work on Beyonce’s mega-smash hit “Single Ladies.” He’s recently worked with T-ara for their latest track “Day by Day.”

Jonte Moaning tweeted, “JK you were amazing! So proud you pulled it off in those shoes ha! I want to work w/ you somehow,” and attached a video link to Jo Kwon’s performance for “Animal” in 8-inch heels. He followed with another tweet, writing “Just downloaded @2AMkwon’s album ‘I’m da ONE’ #DaeBak He’s dancing in Night Walkers.”

Netizens commented, “A love call from Jonte! Daebak,” “An internationally famed choreographer has recognized his talent! Awesome job Jo Kwon,” “That’s seriously awesome,” “The performance was legend!” and more.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon released his first solo album “I’m Da One” on June 25 and wowed fans with an astounding performance while wearing 8-inch boots.

Jo Kwon recently gave a special video shout out to Soompi fans around the world and also talked about the release of his solo album “I’m Da One.” Be sure to check it out!