Han Chae Young Shows off Her Perfect Body

Actress Han Chae Young recently showed off her perfect body and radiant smile while enjoying a glass of beer.

On her Weibo (The Chinese version of Twitter) she uploaded photos taken from the CF filming site and wrote, “Who wants some beer? Cheers!”

With her shapely legs crossed to the side of the table as she texts someone on her phone while casually enjoying a glass of beer, Han Chae Young’s lovely curves framed by a plunging V-neckline tank top and short mini skirt did not fail to draw admirers.

Netizens who saw the photos commented, “Han Chae Young’s body is definitely the best,” “How can such a skinny woman have such curves!” “She looks like a doll,” “I wish I could share a cold glass of beer with her too on a hot day like this!” “Did she go off to meet someone? I see that she ordered the premium kind of beer,” and “How are the beer glasses so big?!”

Han Chae Young is currently involved in foreign activities and will be featured in the Chinese Drama “Dream in Blue” opposite Zhu Zi Xiao that is to be aired this September.