T.O.P.’s Yogurt Hair

Big Bang‘s funky hairstyles have been embraced by fans with adoration and good humor. Even when the hairdos start verging on the line between interesting and plain weird, Big Bang is known for pulling it off with the right shades and clothes to match.

Recently a photo showing the hilarious yet striking resemblance of T.O.P.‘s hairstyle to what appears to be a yogurt bottle on online community forums titled, “T.O.P.-gurt”.

More specifically, the photo compares T.O.P.’s silvery, white hair standing on its ends to the silvery foil cover that is flipped inside out on a yogurt drink bottle. Netizens shared a good laugh over the curious similarity between the yogurt’s foil top and T.O.P.’s latest ‘do.

Netizens who saw the composite photo commented, “The netizens who compiled this photo have a great imagination,” “T.O.P.-gurt transformation 100%! Not surprising considering T.O.P.’s limitless transformation abilities!” and “When I saw the photo of T.O.P.-gurt I couldn’t contain my laughter!”