f(x) Sulli’s “Thinking Man” Pose

f(x)‘s Sulli recently uploaded a selca online that drew the attention of netizens.

On July 2 Sulli updated her me2day with a photo of herself in her “thinking man” pose with the message, “What are you all thinking about right at this moment?”

As seen in the photo, Sulli strikes an adorable “thinking man” pose of her own while sitting on a couch by puckering her pink lips and revealing a dressy deep-red blouse. Taking the picture from above, Sulli reveals her flawless complexion and doll-like features.

Sulli has earned the nicknamed “Suvly” among her fans for always wearing her “lovely” smile and showing a healthy appearance. Sometimes they call her “Booly” for short, which is how they pronounce “vly”.

Netizens who were subscribed to her me2day feed commented, “I’m thinking of you Sully,” “I’m thinking about my exams,” and “I’m thinking about what’s for lunch.”