Girls’ Generation’s Postage Stamps Set to Be Released

Girls’ Generation has conquered the K-Pop industry, as the members have made an impact on dramas and variety shows. Now it’s time for Girls’ Generation to conquer the postage stamp market with a new set of Girls’ Generation themed postage stamps set to be released in Korea soon.

SNSD Stamps

SNSD Postage Stamps

SM Entertainment has announced that they are working with Korea Post to release a set of postage stamps in celebration of Girls’ Generation’s 5th Anniversary and are looking to release them by early August. The stamp set titled “Girls’ Generation, My Own Stamps” are comprised of signed images from Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” album along with the cover images from each of Girls’ Generation’s albums for a total of 14 stamps. These are the first ever celebrity stamps issued by Korea Post and have been specially produced due to Girls’ Generation’s role in expanding K-pop globally.

Sooyoung Individual Stamp

Now i’m sure all you fans are already getting your wallets ready to buy them and so we should probably mention the price. So how much is all this Girls’ Generation postage stamp goodness going to cost you? Well it’s going to cost you around USD$18 according to current exchange rates, so slightly over USD$1 per stamp. Not extremely expensive but certainly not cheap for a bunch of postage stamps, you clearly wouldn’t be using them to post a letter that’s for sure. These stamps will also be displayed at the “Korean Stamp Exhibit” being held on the August 9th to 13th at the COEX center in Samseong-dong.