T-ara Hyomin Shares Funny Photo from Music Video

T-ara‘s Hyomin recently shared a comical still shot from T-ara’s “Day by Day” music video featuring actor Lee Jae Yoon and the singer herself. T-ara’s agency Core Contents Media released still shots for their new music video online July 4.

In the music video, Lee Jae Yoon plays the role of a mysterious soldier carrying Hyomin after she collapsed from trying to defend her sister Dani.

What was supposed to appear as serious and heroic scene for Lee Jae Yoon instead became comical as Hyomin went ahead to tease the young actor by marking the still shot for “naughty hands” and “manner hands”. The hand clutching Hyomin under the knees was labeled “manner hand” and the hand grasping Hyomin at her armpit was labeled “naughty hand”.

Hyomin posted the photo she edited with the comment, “For all of you who are suffering from this stifling and hot weather, I thought you might get a kick out of this photo!”