K-Pop Star’s Kim Na Yoon Looking Like a Celebrity

SBS “K-Pop Star Audition” contestant Kim Na Yoon is most known for impressing judges with her rendition of “Falling” by Alicia Keys and her adorable American accent while speaking Korean on the show.

Photos of the contestant recently surfaced online community forums titled, “K-Pop star Kim Na Yoon’s latest photos.”

In one photo, Kim Na Yoon is sitting at home on a leopard printed sofa with a smile while looking away from the camera. She also chooses to reveal her sexy collarbone. The second photo was taken at a product launching event for a brand at a department store. Despite her young age of 18 years, Kim Na Yoon appears to pull of the fur coat very well for a glamorous celebrity look.

Netizens who saw the photos commented with, “She really is pretty!” and “Did Kim Na Yoon ever end up signing with an agency?”

Back in April, Kim Na Yoon ended her “K-Pop Star Audition” journey as one of the “Top 9” and impressed viewers, celebrities and fellow contestants with her improvement and progress as a young singer.