2AM’s Seulong Shines Even Next to Top Model Hye Park

On July 6, top model Hye Park tweeted “Thank you so much Seulong,” and posted a photo of the two making a V sign with their hands.

The photo was taken in the studio of KBS’s variety show, “Story Show Do Dream.” People have been noticing Seulong’s tall height, as he stands taller than Hye Park, who is 178cm and wearing heels in the photo.

Netizen comments on the photo include, “I’d believe it if you said both were models,” “Seulong is K-Pop’s best kept secret,” and “Hye Park is tall indeed.”

After seeing the photo on twitter, Seulong replied, “Come back safely from New York, noona!”

Seulong, meanwhile, recently released “The Road of Tears,” the duet track with 2AM’s Changmin for MBC drama “Time Slip Dr. Jin.”