Lee Byung Hun Failed His Driving Test 9 Times

Often times, it appears as though with Lee Byung Hun the question is, what can’t he do? Well, it looks like we have an answer. It seems Lee Byung Hun wasn’t such a great driver! During a video interview with Hyundai Motor Company where he is currently a model, he confessed that he failed his driving test 9 times and passed the 10th time.

Lee Byung Hun stated, “I failed my driving test 9 times and passed on by 10th try. If I failed the driving test for the 10th time I would have to take the written test again. That is why I gave it my all, thinking that it was the last time and passed the driving test.”

He thought about his earlier driving days, “When I received my driver’s license, I rode my mother’s car and couldn’t turn at a curb for nearly an hour. Finally I was able to U-turn and return home.”

Lee Byung Hun gave his thoughts on the next 10 years of his life, “I wish that even then I would be able to remain as a passionate actor that continues to think of new things and struggles.”

Finally he stated, “Moments become days and years, and then becomes life. I want to live a life where I will have the leisure to look enjoy positive stories about doing your best and feeling content.”