“K-Pop Star” Kim Na Yoon to Join SISTAR’s Agency

Kim Na Yoon, one of the final contestants from SBS “K-Pop Star,” is close to signing with Starship Entertainment, the management agency for SISTAR and Boyfriend.

“Kim Na Yoon is all but ready to sign with Starship Entertainment. Her contract negotiation is being positively reviewed. It’s not finalized yet, but it will soon be signed,” Star News reported quoting an official from Starship Entertainment.

Kim Na Yoon, a Korean-American from California, has shown flashes of brilliance during her appearance on “K-Pop Star.” Her stunning cover performance of Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’” has earned her the nickname “genius girl,” as she made it all the way up to the Top 9.

Although she was one of the early contestants to leave the show’s final live stage, Kim Na Yoon has been one of the most popular contestants, constantly attracting the viewers’ attention. Kim Na Yoon definitely has the looks and the skills, but it will be up to Starship Entertainment to turn her raw talents into something bigger.

For those who haven’t seen her sensational performance on “K-Pop Star,” make sure you watch the clip below!