JYP Hints at Battle between Park Ji Min and Su Pearls

Park Jin Young, the head of JYP Entertainment, gave updates on “K-Pop Star” Park Ji Min’s impending debut album, and the possibility of her battle against YG Entertainment’s Su Pearls.

On July 5, the producer better known as JYP spoke with local media TV Report and said, “You’ll soon get to see her.” Park Ji Min, after winning the audition show “K-Pop Star,” chose JYP Entertainment as her choice of management agency and has been training under the guidance of JYP.

“Currently, she’s enjoying her training with us, having a lot of fun. She’s really bright and optimistic. Because she’s always happy, we call her ‘happy girl,’” he said.

When asked about Park Ji Min’s debut, JYP said, “It’ll be before the start of ‘K-Pop Star 2.’ It’ll be right around the time YGE’s Su Pearls make their debut. I’m already excited because it’ll be a fun battle.”

But JYP made sure Park Ji Min won’t be debuting as an idol singer. “I won’t completely rule out her debut as a group. But she won’t be an idol singer for sure. Her debut will put a lot of emphasis on Park Ji Min’s musical talent.”

Alongside Park Ji Min, other “K-Pop Star” contestants such as Park Jae Hyung and Baek Ah Hyun have joined JYP Entertainment. The second season of the show is set to air in November this year.