Girls’ Generation Bermuda Zone in Gangnam

Recently, on an online community forum, a picture was posted with the title “You get to see YoonA, Yuri, and Seohyun in Bermuda Zone in Gangnam.” The picture shows the main street of Gangnam, where many cosmetics stores are lined up. The red arrows in the picture point at the stores that YoonA, Yuri, and Seohyun are currently promoting products as CF models.

These stores are located side by side on one of the busiest streets in Seoul – known as Girls’ Generation‘s Bermuda Zone – proving Girls Generation and its three members as the ultimate endorsement queens of girl groups. Netizens commented on the picture, “Girls’ Generation sets the trend like always,” “They’ve taken over the heart of Gangnam,” “I wonder what kind of cosmetic products they actually use,” and “I wouldn’t be able to get out of that Bermuda Zone.”

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation recently released a new single “Paparazzi” in Japan and continuously making a winning streak as the new Hallyu stars.