Lee Seung Gi’s Comeback to Variety TV Postponed

SBS’s new variety program “Table for 100” with Lee Seung Gi has been foundered all together. An official from SBS stated, “We have decided not to go forward with ‘Table for 100.’ After a long examination of the project, we decided that the concept of ‘Table for 100’ lacks competitive edge.”

“Table for 100” was supposed to be Lee Seung Gi’s come back project to variety TV shows. After resigning from SBS “Strong Heart,” Lee Seung Gi has been focusing on his acting and singing career. However, he was entertaining the thought of coming back to variety TV with “Table for 100” and its producer Shin Hyo Jung, who he has worked with previously on KBS “1 Night 2 Days.”

“Table for 100” aimed to be an outdoor variety program, which visits different areas of Korea to introduce and enjoy various local cuisines. Originally, the show was scheduled to start filming in August and air in September on Friday nights, but SBS has decided to completely cancel the entire project. Although Lee Seung Gi won’t be coming back to variety TV with “Table for 100,” SBS is still eager to have him back from their variety programs.

A representative of SBS’s variety show department commented, “Having a program prepared and not following through with it all the way happens all the time in this industry. We are going to come up with some new ideas and concepts for a new program for Lee Seung Gi.” Another representative added, “SBS highly values Lee Seung Gi. He’s still young and yet, one of the most desirable variety TV hosts. SBS will do anything to have him work with us.”