T-ara’s Boram and Eunjung Look Like Fairy

T-ara’s Boram revealed a picture of her and Eunjung looking like manga characters. On July 5, Boram tweeted “Ham Baek Goo, Baek Goo, Anderson fairytale prince. And Lambbo ice. Kkeung, maerong.” (It looks as though these are nicknames that Boram and Eunjung gave each other.)

In the picture Boram and Eunjung are looking at each other with cute expressions. The two are putting their lips out as if they are going to kiss. Boram looks especially like a doll and in one picture she is looking away, while in the other she is looking at her cell phone.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “I didn’t know Boram was hiding such a voluptuous body,” “It looks like the cover of a manga,” and “I hope T-ara’s comeback is the best!”