Super Junior’s Leeteuk: “My Popularity Might Drop after Military Enlistment”

Super Junior’s Leeteuk revealed his true inner feelings about enlisting in the Korean army later this year. During the latest recording of KBS “Talk Show Do Dream,” Leeteuk shared his concerns regarding his career and asked, “How can I fix my workaholic nature?”

Leeteuk said he’s been working non-stop for the past eight years and that he feels the love from all the Super Junior fans. But at the end, he said it does concern him that the fans may no longer show the same level of support after he comes back from the two year military service.

He added, after working so hard to establish himself, he feels like all the people around him has disappeared, and as a result, he feels lonely at times.

The full conversation with Leeteuk will be revealed during the broadcast of “Talk Show Do Dream” on July 7. Make sure you catch the show tomorrow!