New Cuts from Girls’ Generation’s @star1 Magazine Pictorial Released

Several new cuts from Girls’ Generation‘s @star1 pictorial have been released online!

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, Jessica, Sooyoungand Seohyun posed for the July edition of @star1 magazine. They showed off their natural routines and images for this photo shoot.

The photo shoot took place in one of Seoul’s most popular towns, Chundam-dong and is already becoming a hot topic. News agencies report that just days after the release, the magazine containing this photo shoot was sold out in several bookstores. The Girls’ Generation members showed off their personal belongings and products, which is said to have helped the magazine sales even more.

One source said, “Sooyoung’s bag became the most popular item in our store after the magazine was released.” The Girls’ Generation perfume was also clearly in high demand.

The girls create such an issue by just stepping into an airport and showing off their airport fashion. So it is no surprise that this @star1 pictorial has such a hot response.

A particular source from the fashion business field stated, “Sooyoung and Jessica are often called ‘sold-out girls’ since the products that they use are usually sold out.”