f(x) Krystal and Seohyun Take Black and White Picture Together

If beauty had two names! Recently a black and white photo showing off f(x) Krystal and Girls Generation Seohyun’s beauty was revealed.

On July 8, the photographer Oh Joong Suk, tweeted, “I found a very pretty picture. Krystal, Seohyun.” The black and white photograph accompanied the tweet.

In the picture, both Krystal and Seohyun are shown with long hair. They are wearing simple tops that give off both a pure and dignified charm. Their charming beauty is accentuated because the picture is in black and white.

Netizens that have come across the picture stated, “The two of them are pretty,” “This is a picture worth keeping!” “Their beauty is legendary,” and “It seems like they are heroines in a black and white film.”