Actress Who Degraded Overweight Woman Causes Suicide Scare with Alarming Tweet

Actress Lee Chae Young, who recently was under fire for her degrading comment about an overweight woman, left another alarming post on her twitter. On July 8, she tweeted, “I’m turning off my heart [referring to the body organ and not the emotion in Korean],” which led netizens to assume that she was sending a suicide warning. Many people messaged the star, telling her not to do anything rash.

Lee Chae Young soon deleted the message and wrote, “Huh? I was making a literary reference.” She clarified, “I was surprised too. Wow! Please please don’t misunderstand. I’m a strong person! I love you.” Lee Chae Young continued, “I should stop with the fantasies, books, and movies.” However, after the short explanation, she deleted her twitter account.

Netizens commented, “Thank goodness it wasn’t a suicide warning,” “She must have been really surprised when everyone paid so much attention to her tweet,” “She scared me with that,” “Whew, maybe it’s because of ‘Ghost,’ but I get nervous when I see these tweets and posts,” “Again, please think before you post,” and more.