f(x)’s Luna Proves She’s Taller than 151cm

f(x) recently made a guest appearance on MBC Every1’sWeekly Idol.” During the recording, Luna addressed her frustration with people’s perception of her height. She started, “I’m for sure over 160 cm (5ft 2in), but people around me keep telling me that I’m 151cm (4ft 11in).” Luna continued, “I would like to prove my height,” and stood up from her seat.

According to the producers, MC Jung Hyung Don brought our a measuring tape and personally measured the talented singer. He revealed, “She is definitely over 160 cm,” clearing everyone’s doubts.

Luna responded, “I feel so relieved. Truthfully, our [f(x)] average height comes out to 168 cm (5ft 6in), and I felt so stressed because I would appear so small next to them. “

Meanwhile, “Weekly Idol,” featuring f(x) will air this Wednesday, July 11, at 6PM KST.