Snoop Dogg Disses Girls’ Generation about Their Bodies

American hip-hop star Snoop Dogg has dissed Girls’ Generation.

On July 8, Snoop Dogg posted on his Twitter, “Legs n thighs. No biscuits,” which basically implies that Girls’ Generation doesn’t have any other sex appeal besides their legs and thighs.

He also posted a photo of Girls’ Generation’s jacket photo from their “Genie” days. Although he edited out their faces and upper half of their bodies, it is still clear that the photo is indeed of Girls’ Generation.

Snoop Dogg’s “no biscuits” comment was used to diss Girls’ Generation, saying that they had no sex appeal.

News agencies and many others are regarding the diss as a bit puzzling since Snoop Dogg recently participated in an English version of Girls’ Generation’s “The Boysfor the groups’ US debut.