Wonder Girls’ Sohee Shows Off Killer Body

Wonder GirlsSohee in a bodysuit outfit is becoming a hot topic.

On July 7, JYP Entertainment’s official YouTube channel released the Wonder Girls’ music video teaser for their new track, “Like Money.” In the video, Sohee was wearing a skin-tight bodysuit that showed off her exact body as it is. Netizens exclaimed over Sohee’s perfect legs and her curvy body line. Along with her smokey makeup, Sohee’s bodysuit displayed much sex appeal.

Netizens who saw Sohee’s bodysuit apparel commented, “When Sohee wears it, it looks classy,” “Sohee is now a mature woman too,” and “I knew Sohee’s body was pretty but not this much.”

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls’ “Like Money” has been released today. “Like Money” is a collaboration between renowned artist Akon and the Wonder Girls.