Infinite Poses for Beautiful Black and White Pictorial for “1st Look”

Infinite recently took part of a beautiful black and white photo shoot.

The photo shoot is for “1st Look” magazine, which is to be released today, July 9. The boys of Infinite displayed a variety of charms, which captivated the fans’ hearts.

L‘s cut shows only his face and he is staring intensely into the camera with half of his face covered. Maknae (youngest of the group) Sung Jong sported a white shirt and denim pants and emphasized his outfit with accessories to give off an innocent but mysterious, boyish image.

Woo Hyun donned a sleeveless vest with rolled-up pants and bites his lip to show off a rebellious charm. Sung Yeol displayed a more laid-back image with sunglasses and baggy pants.

Dong Woo, Hoya and Sung Gyu also each showed off their individual charms. The Infinite members received praise from the photo shoot staff for being excellent models.

Check out the photos below!