SBS Airs First Trailer of Lee Min Ho & Kim Hee Sun’s “Faith”

Following yesterday’s episode of “The Chaser,” SBS aired the first trailer of Lee Min Ho’s upcoming fantasy drama, “Faith.” The short teaser gave fans a first glimpse of its main characters: warrior Choi Young (Lee Min Ho), plastic surgeon Yoon Eun Soo (Kim Hee Sun), master of fire Hwa Soo In (Shin Eun Jung), and Goryeo’s finest doctor Jang Bin (Lee Philip). As shown in the preview, it appears that these characters from the past yield super natural powers.

The teaser opens with a list of critically acclaimed dramas produced by director Kim Jong Hak and screenwriter Song Ji Na, including “The Hourglass,” “Daemang,” “The Legend (aka Tae Wang Sa Shin Gi),” and more.

“Faith” is another time-warping, historical fusion drama where a plastic surgeon, played by Kim Hee Sun, mysteriously meets a strange man dressed as a warrior from the Goryeo Dynasty, played by Lee Min Ho, claiming that he’s here to take her “back.” The series marks Lee Min Ho’s first sageuk (historical drama) since his debut and Kim Hee Sun’s return to the small screen in six years.

Meanwhile, “Faith” will premiere on August 13 at 9:55PM KST on SBS.