BEAST to Make Comeback Announcement Through Live Chat

BEAST is coming back with a new album this month, and to make the official announcement, they are holding a live chatting session with their fans tonight!

According to Cube Entertainment, BEAST is hosting a live streaming session titled, “Hangout Live on Air,” through the official BEAST Google Plus account. The show, originally organized to commemorate the group’s 1,000 day anniversary, will begin at midnight on July 11, so make sure you check in on time!

“To celebrate their comeback in 14 months, BEAST wanted to make the announcement first to their fans – that’s why they decided to host a ‘Live on Air’ program and directly communicate with the fans,” Cube Entertainment said.

“Instead of the general teaser site launch and the usual announcement process, we’re going to try a completely new method. BEAST will be sitting face-to-face with the fans and have an honest conversation about their comeback and new album,” it added.

The anticipation for BEAST’s comeback has been high, especially after it was reported that BEAST filmed their new music video in New York City recently. Cube said they will give some changes to BEAST’s musical style this time, so it’ll be fun to see how the group transforms in their new album!

BEAST’s new album is scheduled for a mid-July release. You can watch tonight’s show at BEAST’s Google Plus page here!