[Ceci] Who Has the Hottest Hairstyle: Jang Geun Suk, Lee Jae Hoon, Lee Seung Gi, Park Yoo Chun or Yoo Ah In?

Did you know that guys also spend a considerable amount of time beautifying themselves in front of the mirror. Some of these guys spend as long as hour and a half in front of the mirror. Yeah, and they complain to their girlfriends for taking forever to get ready…HAH! What takes them so long? You ask. Remember that natural, breezy-looking hairstyle Park Yoo Chun donned in popular SBS series “Rooftop Prince?” Well, achieving that effortless style takes more effort that you know.

On May 1, “Ceci” conducted a survey with 171 men in their twenties, asking them to vote for the male celeb with the hottest do. Check out the results in the following pages!

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Park Yoo Chun’s R-Perm in the “Rooftop Prince”
1st place with 32.48% of the votes

For Park Yoo Chun’s double wolf cut, I trimmed the sides short and cut the rest of the hair with enough length on the top of the head before starting the R-perm process. As for the rods, I used several different sizes in whatever direction. I pressed down the side hairs using the down perm technique.

by Kang Ho (Director of Kang Ho the Red Carpet Salon)

Lee Seung Gi’ s Dandy Hair in “The King 2hearts”
2nd place with 28.20% of the votes

Lee Seung Gi sported a short, dandy hairstyle for his role as the King of South Korea in “The King 2hearts.” We used down perms for the side hairs to prevent them from curling out. The down perms are effective in keeping the side hairs looking neat. We washed his hair and partially dried it before applying wax to his damp hair. We used a small amount of wax, scooping it into our palms and rubbed it to form an even lather before distributing the wax in his hair.

by Kim Tae Won (Vice President at the Lee Ka Ja Hair Biz Chungdam Branch)

Lee Jae Hoon’s Regent Cut in “Fashion King
3rd place with 22.22% of the votes

Hair texture is key for regent cuts. His style was achieved with a tapered cut on the back and sides. We applied hair cream before drying his hair. As for the top, we applied wax, styled it using a curling iron, and kept his hair in place with hairspray.

by Lee Soon Chul (Soon Soo Salon) 

Yoo Ah In’s Two-Block Style in “Fashion King”
4th place with 13.68% of the votes

I started out by tapering his hair and then foil-permed the top portion of his hair. Afterwards, I applied wax to his damp hair and scrunched them using my fingers. Then I grabbed small chunks of hair and applied wax, repeating this process until I finished styling the top.

 by Park Chul (Director of Void by Park Chul Salon)

Jang Geun Suk’s Two-Way Cut in “Love Rain
5th place with 3.41% of the votes

This style involved dividing his hair into two block – top and bottom – before layering them. We added volume to the roots using perm rods while putting in thick digital perms to the top portion. After washing his hair, we dried his hair using cold air. Then we tied his hair back, twisting the remaining hair around the band halfway and securing it with a bobby pin.

by Sung Jin (Vice President of the 3story by Kang Sung Woo) 

What about Soompiers? Whose hairstyle do you like best? Park Yoo Chun, Lee Seung Gi, Lee Jae hoon, Yoo Ah In, or Jang Geun Suk’s?

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