SISTAR’s Meals Have Changed After Their Hit Song “Alone”

Recently, SISTAR revealed that their meals have changed ever since their debut.

On July 6, SISTAR appeared on SBS Power FM‘s “Boom’s Young Street.” During the program, Boom asked SISTAR, “SISTAR has been gaining a lot of attention lately especially after the release of ‘Alone‘ – does your agency do anything different for you now?” SISTAR’s response was, “Food.”

They further elaborated by saying, “Shortly after our debut, our agency bought us meals that were worth about six dollars. Now, they buy us meals that are worth at least thirteen dollars. Also, we were not allowed to eat anything that we wanted. Most of the time, we had to eat chicken breast and vegetables to keep up with our diet. Now, we are allowed to eat anything we want. In addition, we used to complain about how we were rarely allowed to spend more than twenty dollars on a meal for four people. Things have definitely changed, because just yesterday we had a chicken party with members of Boyfriend.”

Meanwhile, SISTAR also sang live and answered questions for prizes throughout the program.