Secret to Make Chinese Debut + Celebrates 1,000 Day Anniversary

Secret is bringing their sexiness to China, as they announced plans to debut in the mainland this summer.

Secret is currently planning a trip to China to film the music video for the Chinese version of “Starlight Moonlight.” There are a lot of K-Pop artists popular in China now, but it’s rare to see them actually release a Chinese-language song. But Secret is really looking to boost their activity in China and Japan this summer, so the move makes a lot of sense.

Their Chinese promotions will run simultaneously with the release of their second Japanese album this summer. They are expected to come out with the Japanese version of “Love Is Move” too.

“This summer, Secret will mostly spend time in China and Japan. We’re also working on a Korean comeback, but that’s most likely going to happen later this year,” TS Entertainment said.

Meanwhile, Secret’s Hyosung also celebrated the group’s 1,000 day anniversary on July 9. Alongside two photos, Hyosung posted on her Twttier yesterday, “Today is Secret’s 1,000day anniversary!!! Secret Time, you’re going to stay with us until our 10,000th day, right? We’ll come back to Korea soon too, so please wait for us just a little bit more~ Thank you!”

Netizens commented, “Hyosung, you’re just way too hot girl,” “You better stay together for another 9,000 days!” and “Congrats on the Chinese debut and your 1,000th day!“