SBS “Inkigayo” to Get Rid of Weekly Mutizen Song

SBS “Inkigayo” decided to get rid of Mutizen Song and Take 7 ranking system all together and reformat the show. Chief producer Nam Seung Yong stated, “From July 15 episode of ‘Inkigayo,’ there will no longer be a ranking system and Mutizen Song. Since the word ‘Mutizen Song’ was created back in the day when the term ‘Netizen’ was farely new, the term feels outdated and old at this point. Also, many viewers are sick of music shows with the exact same format.”

He added, “Recently, the ratings for MBC, SBS, and KBS music shows have been decreasing continuously. If we want to take a leap, we need to be bold and change everything. It is not going to be a simple performance show where artists come onto stage just to perform their own songs. We are thinking about variety of ways to make it more interesting, like joint performances.”

MBC “Music Core” had ditched ranking system a long time ago while SBS “Inkigayo” and KBS “Music Bank” stuck to the old format. Now with “Inkigayo” leaving the ranking system behind, “Music Bank” will be the only music show with a weekly ranking system.