Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls to Go Head to Head at Yeosu Expo

The two biggest names in K-Pop girl groups, Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls will go head to head at the Yeosu Expo.

With the performance line-up resulting in about 70 artists/teams, the Yeosu Expo will continue to feature top stars like Girls’ Generation and the Wonder Girls, who will perform on July 12 and July 15, respectively.

Girls’ Generation is enjoying immense international success in both the Japanese and US markets. They have recently ranked #1 on the Oricon Chart in Japan and also 126th place on the Billboard chart. Naturally, they are receiving tons of love from their home country, as they have recently been chosen to be printed as postal stamps.

The Wonder Girls’ are also enjoying high success as they are carrying on activities in the US as well as Japan. They have recently been chosen as cosmetics models and their latest single “Like This” has taken on the #1 spot on the Billboard K-Pop chart. “Like This” has also seen great success within Korea as it has swept various online music charts at the top spot.

Fans and Expo-goers are anxious to see what the two top girl groups have in store for them in the near future.