Lee Hyori Looks Sexy in Oakley Shades for Vogue

Lee Hyori showed off her sexiness for a photoshoot with Vogue. For the photoshoot she wore different types of Oakley shades, and her clothes showed off her bodyline. She gave off lovely, luxurious, and cool charms.

A representative of Oakley stated, “Lee Hyori has already established herself as the best fashionista. We were able to see her worth once again through this photoshoot. It was very memorable, to see Lee Hyori completely take over the photoshoot site.

The Oakley photoshoot for Vogue will be contained in the August edition of VOGUE.

In the past, Lee Hyori stated that she would be making her comeback as a singer in June. However, because the album’s production is not finalized yet, the album will be postponed to August or by September at the latest.