Teen Top Celebrates Two Year Anniversary

Idol group Teen Top received much love from their fans for their two year anniversary. On July 10, many fans began to flood their homepage and me2day with congratulatory messages for the two year anniversary.

In response, Teen Top revealed their hopes to work harder. They let their fans know through SNS and chatting.

Teen Top debuted in 2010 with the single album, “Come Into the World.” At the time, they caught the hearts of many female fans with their perfect dance moves. Even with their average age being 16.3 years old, they showed off moves that were far beyond their age.

Noona (older woman) fans were also made when Teen Top showed a cute, younger boy image with their hit song, “No More Perfume On You.”

Netizens, in response to Teen Top’s two year anniversary, cheered them on by saying, “I wish they lasted for a long time without a member leaving,” “Wow, already two years…Congratulations to Teen Top’s two year anniversary,” and “It is good to see them always trying their best.”

Meanwhile, Teen Top is busy promoting their song, “To You,” from their third mini album.