miss A’s Jia Takes a Photo With Fei and Wonder Girls’ Hyelim

On June 10th, miss A’s Jia posted a picture on her Twitter titled, “JYP Sisters.”

In this photo, Jia, fellow miss A member Fei, as well as Wonder Girls’ Hyelim is seen sitting in a row showing various but bright expressions towards the camera. Jia adorably sticks her tongue out, while Fei displays an innocent and pure expression. Hyelim adorably placed her palm against her cheek.

Upon seeing this photo, netizens commented, “Just looking at the JYP sisters makes me feel happy”, “I love both miss A and Wonder Girls”, and “They look really close with each other, just like sisters!”

Look out for the Wonder Girls’ performance at the Yeosu Expo on July 15, as well as miss A updates on Soompi!