Yoo In Na’s Photo Shows Off her Voluminous Body

A pre-edited photo of actress Yoo In Na showing off her voluminous body recently surfaced the internet.

The photo below was posted on an online community bulletin board along with the title, “Voluminous Yoo In Na.” As seen in the photo, Yoo In Na is wearing a tube-top dress while walking on the red carpet toward the entrance of Busan International Film Festival that took place last year in October. After this photo was released, there were many comments regarding Yoo In Na’s flawless figure.

Some of the comments made by netizens were, “I can definitely understand why Ji Hyun Woo fell for Yoo In Na,” “Her body DAEBAK,” “True representation of a bagel girl (a woman with a baby face with a glamorous figure),” “I’m so jealous of her figure,” and more.

Meanwhile, Yoo In Na recently appeared on tvN‘s “Queen Inhyun’s Man” along with Ji Hyun Woo whom she’s currently dating.