Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung Tells the Difference Between Uncle Fans and Oppa Fans

Recently, old screen shots of Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung have surfaced on the Web, showing how to tell the difference between oppa fans and uncle fans.

On July 10, the screen shots were posted under the title, “Girls’ Generation’s way of differentiating uncle fans,” on an online community forum. The images come from one of episodes of JTBC’s “Girls’ Generation and the Dangerous Boys,” which aired earlier this year. During the show, Sooyoung was asked, “Is there a way to tell the difference between uncle and oppa fans?”

Sooyoung, at first, answered with a simple, “No.” But when the MC followed up with, “Am I an uncle fan or an oppa fan?” Sooyoung quickly shared her wisdom and said, “You’re an uncle fan. Those who ask that question are uncle fans.”

Netizens who came across the screen shots commented, “That’s the perfect answer,” “What a smart girl,” and “She’s got the looks and the brains.”