The Girls’ Generation As Models for Casio’s “Baby-G” Watches

The Girls’ Generation has been chosen to represent the watch brand Casio’s “Baby-G” watches. This news was announced by Casio’s official South Korean importer, “G Cosmo” on July 11.

The Girls’ Generation will advertise “Baby-G” in South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, and Australia.

A representative of “G Cosmo” stated, “We have the goal of increasing the brand value of Casio in Asia, and also increasing profits by having the Girls’ Generation as our models. Currently, K-Pop is increasing in popularity all over the world, and the Girls’ Generation is right in the middle of that.”

In order to commemorate the fact that the Girls’ Generation have become the models for “Baby-G,” starting from July 20 to August 5, all Baby-G watches will go on a 10% sale.
The Girls’ Generation performed at the “K-Pop Nation Concert in Macau 2012” on July 2.