Snoop Dogg Calls Girls’ Generation “No Biscuits” Again

Earlier this week, Snoop Dogg tweeted a picture of the Girls’ Generation with the quote, “Legs n thighs. No biscuits.” It generated heated response from the millions of SONES around the world, who misunderstood the message as dissing the girls as having no sex appeal besides their legs and thighs.

Today, Snoop Dogg updated his Twitter with a new message to address the controversy and perhaps cool down the riled up fan base. He wrote, “Today’s lesson. from. Professor Snoop. Biscuits – ugly faces. My ladiez @GirlsGeneration. got beautiful faces. Legs n. thighs. No biscuits #ONELOVE & #REINCARNATED.”

Alongside the tweet, he shared a photo of Kyochon Chicken, and what looks to be a basket of KFC (with biscuits). He also posted a group photo of Girls’ Generation and his own picture taken with Paris Hilton.

Netizens that saw the photo commented, “Snoop got it right,” “I hope this thing cools down soon,” and “What is the real meaning behind ‘no biscuits?’”