Girls’ Generation First Celebrities to Reach 1 Million “Plus Friends”

Girls’ Generation fans have something to be proud of for their favorite group! The Girls’ Generation are the first celebrities to reach 1 million “Plus Friends” for Kakao Talk.

If you become a Kakao Talk “Plus Friend” with a certain brand, then you will receive star, magazine, and broadcasting content. If you become a “Plus Friend” with Girls’ Generation then you can receive concert news, clips, photos, and audio clips. The service to become a “Plus Friend” with Girls’ Generation is being provided for over 150 countries that include South Korea, China, the U.S., and England.

On June 27, Girls’ Generation released their new single “Paparazzi.” On July 2, they performed at the “K-Pop Nation Concert in Macau 2012.” Also, on July 11 it was announced that the Girls’ Generation will be the models to represent Casio’s Baby-G watches.