2PM’s Woo Young in a Beauty Contest?!

On the July 10th episode of SBS “Strong Heart,” 2PM’s Jang Woo Young revealed that he received the Grand Prize in a “Pretty Child Competition.”

When asked by the show MC, Shin Dong Yup, “Is it true that you were in a beauty competition?” Woo Young shared, “There was a pretty child competition, which was held once in a while in rural areas. The only thing I was confident in was dancing so I just free styled.” He continued to share, “It was a great atmosphere. All the parents cheered for me and the audience went wild.”

In the photo footage of Woo Young participating in the contest, he is wearing a very formal suit. But when the song started, he busted out his free style moves.

Many netizens who viewed the episode commented: “He had so much talent since childhood,” “He’s the best in free styling,” and “He totally deserves to be the beauty contest winner.”