[Recap] A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 1

A Gentleman’s Dignity Episode 1 Recap!

So..~ I’ve been following “A Gentleman’s Dignity” pretty closely, and decided that I would try out recapping. We have a new gallery function for Soompi, and I thought that it might be fun to read through a recap with the gallery feature! (Kind of like a comic book maybe?)

Anyways I hope you enjoy! Remember to leave comments, I enjoy reading your thoughts on the drama!

Because all the names are too long to write out here are the names that I will use for this recap:

The four gentleman together: 4G

Jang Dong Gun – Kim Do Jin: Dojin

Kim Ha Neul – Seo Yi Soo: Yisoo

Kim Soo Ro – Im Tae San: Taesan

Kim Min Jong – Choi Yoon: Yoon

Lee Jong Hyuk – Lee Jung Rok: Rok

Yoon Se Ah – Hong Se Ra: Hong Pro

Kimg Jung Nan – Park Min Sook: Minsook

Yoon Jin Yi – Im Me Ah Ri: Meahri

Lee Jong Hyun as Collin

Kim Woo Bin – Kim Dong Hyub (YiSoo’s student): Donghyub

The drama begins with a scene that really shows the 4G for who they are: 40 something year old bachelors who are opportunist and love girls. The 4G are gathered at a funeral where the widow is a retired model and whose friends are all models. (Rok puts his wedding ring into his pocket)

Suddenly, a lady comes in with a child telling him to say hello to his father. Everything goes haywire as the funeral is now a bloodbath with everyone grabbing each other.

We are shown that Dojin and Taesan work together as architects. It is their architecture firm.

Yisoo is shown buying baseball gloves for Taesan.

It is raining and Yisoo goes into a café to avoid the rain. While she was outside, Dojin was clearly smitten by her. Inside, Yisoo receives a call from Taesan. Although she is excited, the phone call depressing. Taesan wants an introduction to her roommate Hong Pro.

Rok is the owner of the café where Dojin and Yisoo are, he is about to interview a cute new potential employee. He puts his wedding ring into his pocket again.


Yisoo is with Hong Pro at a driving range. Yisoo tells Hong Pro about Taesan. Hong Pro is being haughty while Yisoo explains that Taesan is a good guy. Yisoo hints at the fact that she is into Taesan.

It’s a beautiful day and Dojin is busy talking with people. He notices that he drew a picture of Yisoo.

Dojin leaves the café and surprise, surprise Yisoo is outside looking at notebooks. Her dress gets caught by Dojin’s bag and an embarrassing situation begins to literally unwind itself.


Dojin helps Yisoo out.


 Yisoo is home and to her surprise Taesan has arrived. Taesan and Hong Pro are going on their first date! Ouch! To further the injury she is caught in a bad moment.

Yisoo is next shown at school. She is a cool ethics teacher that is tough, but also cares for her students.

Yisoo then goes to Yoon to give Meahri’s (Taesan’s sister that hasn’t been shown yet) present. There she runs into Misook (Rok’s wife) who wants to get a divorce.


Taesan is at a party and because Hong Pro won’t be considerate to him more than her clothes, he asks for a breakup. He then calls Rok who replies, “I don’t know if I am in heaven or hell.”

Rok is with his wife Misook who has dressed up as a Santa girl. However, she has found the wedding ring that Rok snuck in his pocket and forgot to take out. She has also fired the new café employee.

Yisoo is back home cleaning up. She checks out her behind remarking on what Dojin said earlier, “He is right, I do have an aggressive butt.”

 Dojin decides to go out for a walk when he runs into Yisoo’s student Donghyub. Yisoo receives a call from the police station while she is playing around with makeup.

A beaten up Dojin and Yoon are with a disheveled Donghyub and friends. Dojin explains that he was on his way when Donghyub and his friend first asked for cigarettes, then asked for money. Then Yoon arrived. Dojin has a voice recorder and gives it to the officer who is convinced for some reason.


Yisoo arrives with her strange makeup at the police station. Then as punishment they have to pick up baseballs that she hits with her bat.

The 4G gather together at Rok’s bar for Christmas Eve. They are wondering why Dojin and Yoon are beaten up. They listen to Dojin’s voice recorder. Dojin was actually all frightened until Yoon appeared.

After a fun New Years, the 4G are over Dojin’s house. Taesan finds a ripped up stocking leftover at Dojin’s house. Dojin tries to explain that the girl who was over had worn ripped up stocking and the 4G are disgusted at his BS excuse.

Dojin is at the office talking to a client who is smitten by Taesan. Taesan tried to brush off the job to Dojin, but Dojin calls over Taesan. After hearing about more potential projects, Taesan begins to show off his body and seduce the client.

Now we are introduced to “Blue Cat” the 4G’s baseball team. Yisoo is sending a text to Dojin about a settlement for her student Donghyub. (Yisoo is trying to reach a settlement between Dojin and Donghyub) Dojin isn’t that great at baseball. (Jang Dong Gun is actually an avid baseball fan who plays celebrity baseball)

After the game, Dojin is smitten by Yisoo’s beauty. He remembers her from the “red dress incident.”


Although, Dojin tries to get Yisoo’s number he is rejected as Yisoo acts like she doesn’t know him.

Dojin first tells Yoon in the car that there were two girls whose number he wanted to get last year. Dojin has just realized that the two are one in the same. When Dojin acts cold to the phone call from Yisoo trying to reach a settlement for her students, Yoon explains that it is Yisoo. Dojin is shocked at the news! Also, Yisoo finds out the news as well and is very upset!

Yisoo goes to Dojin who still acts cold and tells her to wait while he works.

For Dojin, he is trapped in an alternate beautiful reality. (He is in love!)

Then, Yisoo begins to touch Taesan’s glove. Dojin notices this and his alternate reality ends. Dojin tells Yisoo to leave and leaves first.

Outside, when Yisoo is following him, Dojin suddenly stops and tells Yisoo. “Let me just ask you one question, you like Taesun huh? By yourself. Unrequited love. The lover of your friend.”


I had to watch this episode all over again to do this recap, but I found myself still enjoying it. There were a lot of subtle things I missed out on when I first watched it. The funny thing is, I didn’t know it was Misook who wanted a divorce in Yoon’s office. Also, I didn’t really know about Meahri until she actually appeared on the drama. But here we see that the drama already establishes how she and Yisoo are close! Anyways, I will continue recapping on so help out and support the recap by posting your thoughts or comments!

Thank You!

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